Release Alex Fedotoff – The Ultimate CBO Blueprint

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This The Ultimate CBO Blueprint Course is great for Digital Marketing Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


Alex Fedotoff – The Ultimate CBO Blueprint

Welcome to ” Alex Fedotoff – The Ultimate CBO Blueprint ”

Here is what’s included :

Learn how the best Facebook marketers on earth consistently profit and scale with campaign budget optimization – without inconsistencies.

Start Scaling Now

  • 5 deep and step-by-step instruction videos inside of ad accounts spending $1000 – $5000 a day on CBO
  • 5 step by step cheatsheets we use to spend $3,000,000 – $5,000,000 per month on Facebook ads with 3X+ ROAS
  • My exact strategies and cheatsheets for testing, optimization and scaling with CBO’s for any ad budget
  • Low budget ($100 a day) and high budget ($10,000+ a day) CBO strategies you can use for massive scaling in 2020

Here’s just the part of what’s included in Alex Fedotoff – The Ultimate CBO Blueprint:

  • PART 1: CBO PRO Testing Cheatsheet
  • The best LLA’s to use with CBO’s ($15MM in tests)
  • CBO breakthroughs
  • 3 powerful CBO structures for testing any product or offer
  • ​LTV CBO formula for finding hyper valuable buyers
  • ​1% framework for testing CBO’s (the easiest to implement)
  • ​The secrets of broad expansions with CBO’s
  • ​Social proof scaling with creatives for maximum CBO results
  • PART 2: CBO Profit Optimization Strategy
  • The eye of providence optimization framework
  • Media buyer multiplier framework
  • CBO profit milking strategy
  • ​KPI’s paradigms and keeping eye on the ball
  • PART 3: CBO Scaling Frameworks
  • eCommerce case study from zero to $239,329 in sales at profit with CBO’s (all revealed)
  • Scaling framework 1: 451 formula
  • Scaling framework 2: Z – scale
  • Scaling framework 3: 7 by 7 strategy
  • ​Scaling framework 4: ABO overlap
  • Scaling framework 5: Insider duplicate scaling​
  • Scaling framework 6: LLA surplus scaling
  • ​Scaling framework 7: Baller scaling formula
  • Alex Fedotoff – The Ultimate CBO Blueprint
  • Retargeting blitzkrieg and cheatsheet
  • Advanced LLA Creation Cheatsheet
  • Case study: $5.4 eCommerce scaling case study, all revealed
  • ​How to Make Creatives that SELL
  • ​Advanced LLA Creation Cheatsheet ( the holy grail of high ROAS campaigns on Facebook)

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