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The Flux Academy – The $10K Website Process is great for Small Business Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


The $10k Website Process – Flux Academy

The $10K Website Process is the exact method He has built up from 17 years of experience as a web designer, and applying what works to generate over $200,000 in yearly revenue from web design projects.

After this course, you’ll be able to…

  • Hold strategy sessions with your clients
  • Strategically design beautiful websites
  • Tell compelling stories with your designs
  • Position yourself as a high-value expert
  • Lead design, content, and development in your projects
  • Confidently work with $10K clients
  • Deliver delightful user experiences through your websites
  • Ditch the template and own your craft with unique layouts and bold visuals

The $10K Website Process course includes 66 videos (over 12 hours of video content!) that SHOW you exactly how He design beautiful, strategic websites for his clients.

This isn’t a compilation of design tips or inspiration websites for you to borrow ideas from. You can find that anywhere.

He’s going deeper and giving you a comprehensive look into the exact process, best practices, and methodologies He use to design $10K (and 20k and 30K) websites in his own business.


Everything you need to succeed

Module 01 : How to Design a $10k Website

Discover the exact process, and mindset necessary to build high value websites.

Module 02 : Defining a Winning Strategy

How to run a strategy session with your clients to clarify and align on the website goals.

Module 03 : Telling A Compelling Story

How to turn your client goals into content that will keep visitors engaged.

Module 04 : Structuring Your Website Usefully

Apply UX best practices to structure your content and guide visitors towards goals.

Module 05 : Making The Website Beautiful & Memorable

Master design fundamentals such as color, type, layout and image-making to create visual impact with your designs.

Module 06 : Developing a World-class Website

Manage the development process to ensure that the website ends up looking and preforms as you envisioned.

Module 07 : Working with $10k Clients

Sell high value websites and manage client relationships & expectations during the project.

The $10K Website Process

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