Release Jeff Miller Masterclass with Ravi Abuvala


This Jeff Miller Masterclass with Ravi Abuvala is great for Agency Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


Jeff Miller Masterclass with Ravi Abuvala

TodNever quite sure on how to make your onboarding, fulfilment, and ‘all that other stuff’ get done without you?

Want to know how Ravi Abuvala went from $0 to $350,000 a month by getting his VAs to generate leads for him, automate his onboarding, and delegate his fulfilment.

This is a 1-hour live event, where he will teach you from Jeff Miller Masterclass

  • ? The top-secret steps he uses to get his VAs to generate leads for him
  • ? The 3 steps to 99% automating the sales calls
  • ? The 15-minute guide YOU can use to delegate fulfilment
  • ? How he AUTOMATED and REMOVED himself from his agency
  • ? How he outsourced client management to someone better than him
  • ? How to onboard VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS so they do almost all the work
  • ? How to create SOPs so simple you 6 year old can understand
  • ? How to go from 3 to 10 to 20 clients without losing your hair
  • ? The proven scripts Ravi uses to onboard clients for 6+ months
  • ? How to have your virtual assistants run your advertising campaigns
  • ? The ‘easy peasy’ way he takes the cold lead to his stripe account
  • ? Templates, Do’s and Don’ts, and the SOPs you didn’t know you needed
  • ? The slides, replay, and recording of the live 1-hour event
  • PLUS…
  • ? How to make the WHOLE DARN AGENCY THING WORK whether your awake, asleep, travelling or don’t feel like going to work that day ?
  • This is Ravi’s EXPERT SECRET that kick blew the roof off his agency, got him $2000 to $3000 clients consistently and repeatable, and how he made it work even when he didn’t want to.
  • This event is not for everyone…
  • It’s for KICK ASS AND takes NAMES AGENCY OWNERS that want to…
  • This is not free.
  • But by attending, you’ll be prepared to get your agency moving in the right direction and finally system(ing), process(ing), and stop f(ing) up your success.

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