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Julie Stoian & Cathy – Funnel Gorgeous

Welcome to “Funnel Gorgeous”

Good Funnel Design Becomes So Much Easier When You Understand The Concept Of Storyblocking™.
Storyblocking is what we do, and what we’re going to teach you how to do too!
Storyblocking is the art of creating a STORY with your copy and your design. It’s not as hard as it sounds.
In fact, the copy for your funnels will dictate your design so you don’t have to be some magic design genius to think up something super original (Did your head just explode?)!

What’s inside Funnel Gorgeous

Module 1: Funnel Assets
In Module One, we teach you how to create and build the core Funnel Assets needed for ANY and EVERY funnel. Most people skip this step when they build funnels but we promise it’s so much easier when you set up your workspace with all the creative inspiration you need before building.
Module 2: Storyblocking The Cornerstone Page
In Module Two, we explain how story and design are two sides of the same coin. You’ll learn to identify your cornerstone page and story in the funnel—and build a theme into that page— before designing the rest of the funnel. We’ll also show you which of the elements in a cornerstone page are the “conversion” elements so that you can use design to accentuate them.
Module 3: Story Accentuation Through Design
In Module Three, we pull back the curtain on what makes something gorgeous. You’ll start to understand WHY you like something; this is so important because once you know “why”,  you can EASILY replicate it. Deconstructed Design is just a set of rules and patterns that are totally learnable (and flexible). Yes, learnable is a word…we think.
Module 4: Simplifying Your Design Story on Mobile
In Module Four, we teach you how to simplify your story design so that the majority of the customers looking at your pages on mobile will be just as dazzled by your gorgeous design and copy.
Module 5: Design Refinement & Testing
In Module Five, we help you set your cornerstone page loose to a few select (constructive) critics so you can see your work through someone else’s eyes. We show you what to look for, how to adjust details, and how to create a finished cornerstone page that will make building the rest of your funnel a breeze.

Module 6: The Design Carry Through Method

for Easy Funnel Design
In Module Six, you won’t believe how easy it is to design once you’ve gone through the first five modules. We show you how to take your assets and cornerstone page and tell your story through design in the rest of the funne

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