Releases Luisa Zhou – Employee to Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0

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This Luisa Zhou – Employee to Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0 Course is great for Life Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


Luisa Zhou – Employee to Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0

Welcome to ” Employee to Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0 ”

This Course the ONLY year-long, LIVE coaching program that is simple, proven, and guides you step-by-step through building a 6-figure coaching and/or course business that will replace your corporate income and give you the freedom to live life on your terms.

About Luisa Zhou

Luisa Zhou is a business coach helping women create their dream online businesses. She’s also a former Space Station engineer and mobile payments start-up co-founder.

Why is Employee to Employee to Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0 so powerful?

It’s a unique comprehensive system that gives you the exact step-by-steps, scripts, and marketing strategies to replace your monthly income and build your online coaching/consulting business BEFORE you leave your 9-5.
It takes you from scratch to getting booked out with one-on-one clients to leveraging your time and income with group programs and courses.
That’s right, even if…

  • You only have a couple hours a week to devote to business building
  • You’re not sure what kind of business to start
  • You don’t think you have any marketable skills
  • You don’t have an MBA
  • You have tried other systems and failed (miserably)
  • You spent years getting to this income level and think it’s bonkers to possibly replace it in 6 months

For years, word on the street about starting your own business was that you had to:

  • Struggle for years marketing yourself before getting clients,
  • Spend your life blogging, guest posting, or hanging out on social media,
  • Go back to school, develop a certain skill-set, or get a certification first, or
  • Be someone who’s rich, special, or has damn good luck!

Here are modules that you’re learning from Employee to Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0 :

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Clarity

Module 3 – Setup

Module 4 – Marketing

Module 5 – Sales

Module 6 – Scaling

And Bonuses

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