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This Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 is great for Ecommerce Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0

Welcome to ” Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 ”

Video Reveals:
“How I Earned $120,000 Profit With One DropShipping Store In Just 6 Months” (Real Case Study)

Exposing my own store with the
“Hidden Gold DropShipping Method”
You’ll learn how a complete eCom newbie earned 6 figures of profit in only 6 months.
Based around my first ever dropshipping store.
Going through all the hardships, transparent numbers and pages of my store.
You will learn how to go from $0 to $120,000 profit (even with no experience)

What is eCom Success 3.0?

eCom Success 3.0 is a case study based program in which I reveal three of my dropshipping stores.
One store generated over $473,000 in 6 months.
The second store made me over $300,000 in 4 months .
The newest and third store earned me $222,000 in just 3 months.
(approx. 30% profit for all three).
You get to see behind the scenes how I launched these stores, ran the ads, and managed all the operations.
The goal with this program is to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow.

What is the benefit of this program?

eCom Success 3.0 is for bloody beginners to experts that want to earn even more money.
Even if you’ve never heard about Shopify or dropshipping, there’s a video tutorial for almost every topic.
This course will guide you from earning $0 to $100,000 a month and beyond.
It will hold your hand through the whole process and answer every question you might have.
The goal of eCom Success is to accelerate your learning process of making as much money and as fast as possible.

What’s New ?

eCom Success contains over 4 hours of new content, covering my latest Facebook ads strategies in-depth and revealing a new case study.
In the new case study, you will learn about a store that I started from scratch in June 2019 and made $20,000 profit in the first 29 days.

Discover my exact strategy for starting a profitable store
Based around three “reveal it all” case studies ($1 million total in 6 months). Includes:

  • Over 10 hours of video content.
  • Lifetime mentorship access.
  • Lhe same tools I used to become succesful.

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