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Customer Acquisition Machine – Chris Winters

Founder of Kallzu and Author of Customer Acquisition Machine

Chris Winters is the founder of kallzu pay-per-call software, kallzu SEO, kallzu ads, kallzu ecom and soon kallzu fb local.  Chris actually does what he teaches with the help of team kallzu, a well-trained staff and coaches dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  Chris prides himself in offering training courses that get REAL results for members because at kallzu, we actually do what we teach.

For many businesses, impressions and clicks are meaningless. They really need the phone to ring off the hook to make money.

That’s where call-only ads become effective. With Customer Acquisition Machine (CAM) you’ll learn how to create lead generation vehicles that actually work. Chris Winters shows you how it’s done.

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a client call. But how do you get it?

With a range of digital ad techniques, Chris shows you how you can reach the right audience and get them to pick up the phone and make the call. It’s better than hits on your website.

Chris takes you step by step through the process to organize and deploy sales driving campaigns through Google AdWords.

Every ad stimulates a call. And it’s easy to translate online views into phone sales using AdWords.

  • Set up PPC and affiliate programs and build a network of sales potential
  • Discover how to optimize keyword lists for maximum ad performance
  • Learn how to scale your operation and pricing for increasing sales growth

With Chris’ help, you can develop ads that reach customers on mobile too. Tap customers through text ads and build strong SEM campaigns that get the phone ringing.

But Chris Winters doesn’t stop there. He also shows you how to prepare for phone sales success.

Chris has tons of case studies on how to complete the sales cycle from ad to phone sales pitch.

He shows the best way to create a positive and strong-selling caller experience.

From the start, Chris takes you through the whole bidding process so you can find your perfect spending range.

You learn Customer Acquisition Machine of author Chris Winters test ad copy to see what ads ring true with customers, then leverage that content to the max.

He also helps you stay organized, teaching all the basics of ad scheduling so you can continue driving sales on a regular basis.

Let’s not forget geo-targeting. Your business may only need leads in your area. Chris shows how to implement this amazing feature to reach out to customers down the block and around the corner.

Chris shows you how to calculate a call-through rate, so you can make the necessary changes to your campaigns for better performance. And for those unconverted calls, there’s retargeting magic. See how to reach out to those customers will different messaging until you get them to dial in.

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