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CFX University – Carter FX 2.0

Welcome to ” CFX University – Carter FX 2.0 ”


By becoming a student of CFX University, you will expect non stop value and quality education from our expert instructors. You wil also receive access to our Mastermind and networking events done every other month along with live trade journals of setups taken by Duran Carter.

Why CFX University

We believe quality Forex education can elevate traders and bring true consistency. Our instructors are disciplined and passionate traders who have mastered their craft and enjoy sharing their market knowledge. Our motto here at CFX University is “non-stop value” and with the array of services provided we believe strongly that we’re the forex educational platform for you.

What is The Foreign Exchange Market and How Can I Profit?

The Foreign Exchange Market, also known as Forex, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies are traded.

Whether we are in the office, or enjoying the sun on Miami beach, we are always available to answer your questions so feel free to message us at anytime. If you have questions about what we offer or what we do, we will be more than happy to answer it.

CFX University was created to change lives. Our primary objective is to cut the learning curve in half and simplify the trading process so that our students can trade successfully. As a result of CFX University, our students will now become empowered and gain financial freedom.

Our mission is to provide quality education designed to help individuals fully understand the forex market. With non-stop value as our motto, we aim to go above and beyond to ensure our students are learning, developing and becoming consistently profitable forex traders.
Our team of experienced forex traders has spent significant time fine-tuning their trading skills and have dedicated their lives to excelling in the markets. Through CFX University you gain access to tons of knowledge, wisdom and trading guidance from the minds of each instructor catering to all needs of an aspiring trader.

The Master Trader and CEO is none other than Duran Carter. He is a native of Jamaica but currently resides in Miami FL. It was out of necessity that Duran got involved in the forex industry. At the time he graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA, college wasn’t an option due to some unforeseen circumstances. As a result of this he turned to entrepreneurship in search of a prosperous and fulfilling life.
Initially he started with Network Marketing but soon realized building an organization and having no real shares in the company was not the business model he wanted to build a future in. From there he focused his attention on day trading, an occupation wildly unheard of at the time but one he knew would serve to be his calling. Duran has a burning passion for trading and that very same love for the forex markets, helped him overcome many setbacks including losing all his savings during his first attempt to trade full time.
He kept pursuing technical mastery until he reached the position he’s in today having done six-figures trading the markets and having created over 8 successful six figure students as well as countless other students who saw their first 500-1k profit days thanks to Duran’s trading methods and education. In short, he is an expert on forex and has an immense level of knowledge on the markets in which he has laid out in simplistic and powerful detail here inside CFX University.

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