Pay 5$ Sean Bagheri – Aversity Gold Course


The Sean Bagheri – Aversity Gold Course is great for Agency Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


Sean Bagheri – Aversity Gold Course

Welcome to ” Aversity Gold Course ”

Sean Bagheri has a youtube channel where he talks about different clickbank and affiliate marketing strategies, well he has a paid program called the Aversity Gold Masterclass which gives you his video training series plus private group where you can get more 1-on-1 interraction from him.

Sean is going to teach you affiliate marketing using paid traffic, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Ads, & solo ads.

Also some basic training on creating youtube video and blog posts for free organic traffic.

The course is only $297.

Is it any good?

What does it teach you?

How does it compare to other online business courses?

Let explore it here:

Earn Up To $3,000 a Day Using A Proven Revolutionary A to Z Online Business System

1- Aversity Gold Masterclass will give you the system, tools, education, and mentorship you need to build a successful six-figure/mo online business.

2- Aversity Gold Masterclass Will Allow You to Watch & Learn Everything CLICK BY CLICK From a Million Dollar Earner!

Sean Bagheri – Aversity Gold Course

Here’s a Small List of What You Get Inside Aversity Gold Course :

1- Step by Step & Click By Click Training to Build A Successful Six-Figure/mo Online Business

2- System and Tools You Need to Build A Successful Business

3- Direct 1-on-1 Mentorship With CEO & Other Coaches

4- Access to Our Private Community Forum to Ask Question and Contact Other Members!

5- Access to Our Private Facebook Group

6- Weekly Training & Latest Strategies

7- The Upcoming Aversity Partners Program

And More…

The first thing you’ll see after logging into your Aversity account is the Gold Masterclass dashboard. It’s clean and simple, designed to help you get started as soon as possible. I’ve been a member of a dozen affiliate marketing courses and what I can tell from my first impression is this: Sean knows what he’s doing and he wants to make it easy. The dashboard is clean, elegant and professional.

Training videos are easy to consume and full of great information. In the introduction video, Sean recommends taking action and I strongly agree with it. You truly learn by doing.

The idea or strategy behind Aversity Gold Masterclass is this:

there isn’t one way to make money as an affiliate, you should choose your strategy based on your product. So Aversity will teach you all of these strategies in detail, step by step, click by click and will also teach you to pick the right one based on the product, then you’ll be able to sell any product as an affiliate.

It’s truly a powerful way and certainly, the right way to do affiliate marketing. I’ve worked with super affiliates in past and all of them do the same thing but none of them (until Aversity Gold Masterclass) does actually share this strategy. That’s why I think this training is incredibly valuable.

The next is the training itself. It’s incredibly detailed and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Sean will do everything with you, step by step instead of just telling you what to do. No one is making training programs like Sean at this moment and I think this is one of the reasons this program is just so powerful. Here’s an example of a video where Sean is doing everything step-by-step with the audienceYou Will You Get 3 Amazing Bonus Courses When You Join

To keep your head in the game, you will get 3 bonus courses when you join Aversity. Usually, you won’t get them instantly (unless you ask for it) but Sean will email you every 3 days to give your bonus course. These 3 bonus courses are Sean’s YouTube Ads Training course, The 7 Touch Funnel Strategy course, and Home Business Bootcamp program. In total, these courses worth over $500 but Sean will give them to you for free when you join Aversity.

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