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Agency Ignite Funnel – Mikael Dia

Welcome to ” Agency Ignite Funnel ”

Discover The 3-Step “Agency” Funnel That Generates A Consistent & Predictable Flow of Dream Clients Who Want YOUR Digital Marketing Services

Do you have a consistent flow of qualified prospects for your Digital Marketing Services?

Do any of the following resonate:

I don’t know where my next client is going to come from
I depend on referrals to generate new business
The prospects I talk to can’t afford my services
I find myself discounting my services just to land a client
I am chasing clients around trying to get them to buy
​I have a few 4-5 figure months immediately followed by a $0 month

I struggled with the same problems for the first 18 months of running my Agency…
I had to do all of the manual “outbound” strategies, because I didn’t have a system to bring in clients automatically.

So I was left:

Applying to jobs on UpWork (only to compete on price with a bunch of other people).
Chasing down uneducated leads who had no clue who we were, the value of what we did, or how it could help their business
Posting constantly in Facebook Groups to try and “create value”
Hiring $5 per hour Virtual Assistants to cold email businesses
Sending spammy LinkedIn messages to hopefully get some response ( Agency Ignite Funnel)

All of the bootstrap stuff that people say you should do.
Each month was a complete gamble. Some months we’d close at most $10,000 of business, and other months it would be ZERO.
Sometimes for 2 or 3 months on end…
I want you to get your Agency Ignite Funnel up and running as fast as possible, so you can end the frustration of client acquisition once and for all!
That’s why I want to give you my entire Agency Ignite Funnel formula, along with everything you need to launch a high-converting Agency funnel that will land you a consistent flow of clients

Here’s what you get with Agency Ignite Funnel :


There are 3 core actions to this Funnel from Agency Ignite Funnel

1) The Ignite Video

This is the SECRET SAUCE.

If you wish to attract your Dream Client so that they are pre-qualified to deal with you AND prepared pay you superior costs, then it’s everything about the video that you craft.

In your video, you do not wish to teach anything – rather, you require to show 3 things …

  • Do you comprehend the core issue that your Dream Client is dealing with?
  • Do you have a marketing service for their issue?
  • Do you have evidence that your service will fix their issue?

You require to reveal that you comprehend where they are originating from and reveal compassion towards their circumstance – however, they likewise require to understand that you can execute a service for them.

The last call to action in the video need to ask individuals to arrange a call … however just after they make sure that you are the ideal firm for them.

Crafting this video is a science and an art, once you get it ideal it ends up being a marketing possession that you can take advantage of to produce an abundance of leads for your firm.

2) The Calendar Booking

Remove friction and get more calls.

After your Dream Client sees your Ignite Video, they are going to wish to reserve a call with you.

Forget by hand following up … that’s an annoyance.

Rather, provide access to your calendar and let them pick a time that is practical and offered for them.

After they pick a time slot in your calendar, you’ll require to include a little survey that permits you to veterinarian individuals so you can just speak with hyper-qualified leads.

3) The Show + Awe Confirmation

Make potential customers wish to offer you their charge card BEFORE they speak with you.

Dan Kennedy as soon as stated that you require to Shock & & Awe your potential customers by providing more than they expected.

Your verification page requires to do simply that … Shock & & Awe them so that they are prepared to purchase from you even prior to they speak with you.

Keep in mind, placing is among one of the most essential elements of marketing and getting brand-new customers.

Your Ignite Video needs to set the phase and position you as an authority,.

The calendar needs to make it very simple for your possibility to reserve a call with you,.

The Shock + Awe page is the tipping indicate press individuals over the edge and make them prefer your services prior to they even consult with you.

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