Release 60-Day Startup Course by Mitch Harper

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This 60-Day Startup Course by Mitch Harper Course is great for Ecommerce Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


60-Day Startup Course by Mitch Harper


Mitch Harper, the founder of BigCommerce, has not only scaled BigCommerce into a 9-Figure ecommerce powerhouse, but is also an 8-time startup founder with over $200 million in sales under his belt. In his teens, he was more excited burying his head in books like “Losing My Virginity” by Richard Branson, than playing video games. And by the time he was 13, he knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Mitch has been building software companies since he was 17. He has taught his proven startup framework to his private clients since 2011 which include startups like Airtasker, FollowUpBoss, Biteable, Zookal, and more.

Mitch Harper launched in 2001 which then was acquired by DeveloperShed for 6 figures. He was 21 at the time.

In This 60-Day Startup Course,YOU WILL DISCOVER:

  • Mitch has been building software companies since he was 17, you’ll learn the exact step-by-step sytem he has used to build companies like BigCommerce into an 9-FIGURE ECOMMERCE POWERHOUSE . He’s been teaching this framework to his private clients include startups like Airtasker, FollowUpBoss, Biteable, Zookal and more.
  • Mitch has invested and advised numerous companies, he also gets pitched tons of ideas. You’ll learn MITCH’S #1 METHOD TO VALIDATE YOUR PRODUCT to be successful before you even build the company.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: MVP vs MSP, you’ll effortlessly identify which is right for you, and how to actually get your product built without having to know a single programming code yourself.
  • GETTING YOUR FIRST PAYING CUSTOMERS: This is the most important element of the pre-launch phase, you’ll learn how to leverage it to skyrocket your audience base and get your first paying customer in 60 days.
  • LAUNCH FRAMEWORK: Mitch breaks down the different launch formulas you can use and actionable tactics within those strategies..

60-Day Startup Course
From Idea To Your First Paying Customers IN 60 Days
Finally Build That App
… something like this – but better. You know your industry better than anyone, if you’ve been sitting on an idea, this is your chance to finally build it.
No Coding Required
Inside this course you’ll discover a proven process for not only coming up with guaranteed “winning ideas”, but also how to get your tech product designed and developed without ever needing a lick of coding know-how.
Validate With Paying Customers
Instead of using your own money, risky loans, or outside investment, simply follow this framework and get paying customers (before your product is even built!) to help validate, fund, and launch your new startup.
Compress Time & Succeed Sooner
The 60-Day Startup methodology allows you to compress time. What normally takes others 1-3 years of “experimenting” to find what works, you can now shortcut into a 60-day sprint without wasting time and money on unproven actions!
Simple, Actionable, & Proven Tactics For Launching Your Startup 60-Day Startup Course
Validate your idea without wasting time or money.
Secure paying customers before your product is built.
Build your product without knowing how to code.
Act with confidence using a step-by-step framework.
Get answers from a community of like-minded tech entrepreneurs.

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