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The 1-Page Funnel Master Class is great for Digital Marketing Courses. Let’s start a new project. Set the agenda to meet your 2020 goals.


1-Page Funnel Master Class by Brian Moran

Welcome to ” 1-Page Funnel Master Class ”

To show you exactly what this brand new course is all about, let’s take a quick review of The Fan Page Funnel. Consider this video a test drive, and get warmed up to a system that I’ve been developing in my own businesses since I first discovered Facebook Fan Pages for businesses back in the fall of 2009.

The Fan Page Funnel is complicated, and it is powerful. In short, The Fan Page Funnel is a series of automated systems designed to attract targeted, interested potential buyers, and turn them into happy, paying customers for your business straight from a Facebook Fan Page.

Capture all of the steps required, and you will have developed a business asset that can help your business thrive online. On the converse, missing a step or two can be the difference between profitable campaigns and losing a boat-load of money.

The goal of The Fan Page Funnel is to create an automated marketing and sales funnel, that starts on a Facebook Fan Page, and allows you to be able to attract customers on auto-pilot. And perhaps scarier than anything, The Fan Page Funnel will allow you to go out and spend money on paid advertising while still maintaining strong profits.

Paid advertising is the true test. If you can use paid advertising and still maintain profitability, you have a real business on your hands. And that is the true goal of The Fan Page Funnel.

What you’ll get from 1-Page Funnel Master Class – Brian Moran

  • 1. The simple ONE PAGE website that rakes in $1,729 per day… (02:06)
  • 2. The #1 reason 95% of online entreprenuers will fail to get s steady stream of new sales coming in day after day…and how to fix it… (09:06)
  • 3. My 4-part “1 Page Protocol” and how you can copy it to convince anyone to buy what you’re selling… (13:55)
  • 4. Why a ONE PAGE website will sell 10X more than a traditional website, marketing funnel, or E-commerce store… (22:38)
  • 5. How to know if a ONE PAGE website will work for your business… (24:23)
  • 6. The powerful “Core 4” method and how it allows you to convince people to buy without you need to be an expert marketer, copywriter, or salesperson… (27:33)
  • 7. The simple piece of software I use to create all of my ONE PAGE websites in just minutes, without hiring a designer or developer… (33:48)
  • 8. How I get $10,372 in FREE ads to my ONE PAGE website every single day… (40:08)
1-Page Funnel Master Class
  • 9. How to find every single ad your competitors are running anytime you want… (48:23)
  • 10. How to get SamCart FOR FREE! (55:18)
  • 11. How to get Traffic Tactics FOR FREE! (60:35)
  • 12. How to get The One Page Launch FOR FREE! (62:43)
  • 13. Your only 3 choices if you want the business of your dreams… (81:04)

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